Research focus


Head of Department:
Prof. Dr. med. Joachim Wölfle

Research focus

Perinatal hypoxic brain injury and neuroprotection

Project manager: Prof. Dr. R. Trollmann

Genetic skin diseases of the neonate

Project manager: Prof. Dr. H. Schneider

Genomic aberrations in childhood malignancies

Project manager: Prof. Dr. M. Metzler, Prof. Dr. T. Langer (until 06/2013)

Differentiation pathways during skeletal development

Project managers: Prof. Dr. M. Rauh, Prof. Dr. H. Schneider

Perinatal programming and early determination of renal and cardiovascular disorders

Project managers: Prof. Dr. A. Hartner, PD Dr. K. Benz

Medication safety

Project managers: PD Dr. A. Neubert, Prof. Dr. W. Rascher